Craft Beer Illustration for Jervis Bay Brewing Co.

Thirsty Work!

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every beer produced by Jervis Bay Brewing Co. has a local story attached. In the case of the atomic lightbulb for the “Bright Idea XPA” it refers to the plans for a nuclear power plant to be plonked in the pristine waters of Jervis Bay. A little more than a subtle sense of irony there.

Working closely with the team from Jervis Bay Brewing Co. and their Marketing Agency, The Marketing Clan we created a suite of hand-crafted illustrations to run across their core, and seasonal ranges to match the hand-crafted nature of the beers inside.


Jervis Bay Brewing Cow and Calf Tropical Pale Ale
illustrations for Jervis Bay Brewing Co.

Distinctly hand made

Starting with pencils on the backs of envelopes and graduating to brush pen on parchment, each illustration was loving handcrafted and realised to work in harmony with the typography of the can as well as stand-alone for use on Merchandise. 

Jervis Bay Brewing Co Merchandise