Our Process

How we work

The Brief

Getting to know each other.

When you initially got in touch, you may have filled out the enquiry form. If not, we’ll send it over and get you to fill in the blanks. This piece of homework is invaluable and will get us up and running quickly. It will allow us to make our briefing as effective as possible and give us what we need for an educated quote.

Once we have your information, we’ll book a discovery call or meeting to discuss the project in detail. We’ll discuss your goals for the project, as well as your business, and how we can ensure the project meets both.

From there, we will create a reverse brief. This is where we take all the information we have gathered and put it in writing. We will confirm the quote, set up a client portal, and agree on a project timeline.

Creative Direction

The fun stuff.

We believe in only presenting creative we believe in. We don’t follow a “Here’s three concepts, pick one” approach. This generally end up in a third design feeling forced and a can end up in a “little of this, and a little of that” situation. Sometimes this works but more often than not you wind up with a frankensteins monster.

We will present to you our research and two distinct mood-boards. We will guide you through the thinking and rationale showing you a couple of examples of how the creative might play out in different situations. If it’s a web project we will also put together a detailed information architecture.


Tell us how you really feel!

During the presentation, you will obviously have thoughts and opinions about the work, we look forward to hearing them and discussing options with you. It’s a collaborative process, and at the end of the day, you know your business better than we do right!?

We will write up our notes from the meeting and share them on the client portal. We also build in a couple of days on the project timeline for you to consolidate your thoughts after the meeting which you can then share on the portal.

Design & Development

Where things get real. Literally!

We take your desired direction, implement your feedback and begin building out the finished product. If it is a branding project we will develop the brand guidelines and put together the agreed deliverables. If it’s a website, we will begin building out the pages, templates, and functionality based on our agreed information architecture. If it’s an illustration project we will develop the finished art. If it’s a UX project…

Well, you get the idea.


Et Voila.

Upon final approval, we will package up all deliverables and share them with you on the client portal, Adobe Express, and Canva. Here, you can download your files for safekeeping or share them for future use.

We’ll stay in touch, checking in after the project to ensure everything is working as expected and to see if there’s anything else we can do to help.