Issue 12: Sounds of Summer and some other stuff

The Soundtrack to December 2018 | Tunes

Not current or topical but this is what is on heavy rotation ion the Van.  Enjoy!

I wish I’d thought of this! | Tools

Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library. Such a good idea and perfect for the way Sketch works.  Easily add and customise illustrations for use in your projects. Made by: Pablo Stanley Nice work Pablo. Nice Work!

Better photos through code | 15 mins

Have I told you about my phone, let me tell you about my phone.  Boring!  This isn’t though, a really interesting read on how google are using AI and machine learning to absolutely crush it on the photography front.  Their phones take awesome photos in tricky conditions, so they must be doing something right.  Their new night sight feature is amazing. Worth a look.

Design is for everyone | Tools

Another great accessibility tool.  This is a dynamite colour picker for use in your design system. If you’ve ever had to run colours through an accessibility checker then you will know that this is a giant leap forward.  Check it, Use it.  Accessible design is good for all of us!

#Vanlife | Design

Oh my days!  Well out of my reach but one day maybe this could be the new office.  Colour scheme is right:) Drool worthy caravans for the modernist in all of us.

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