Issue 11: From Searches to Seattle Grunge

The Google Truth Serum | 55 Mins

Super interesting conversation about our behaviour online and in particular our searches on google and what the big data tells us about ourselves as a society. Interesting Stuff!

Yes! This is definitely Fun | How long have you got?

Awesome little collaborative synth tool / music machine. Would be great fun with a whole bunch of people on there at the same time. Wish it had a record button.

Designing for accessibility | 15 min Read

Some super easy to implement design practices that make the web better for everyone. Everyone benefits from making the web accessible, not just those with impairments but everyone. When you make the web easier to use, everyone wins!

A nice piece of brutalism in paradise | Architecture

This is so up my street it’s unreal. Brutalist architecture nestled in a remote natural landscape. This is like something out of Star Wars but, you know, way more liveable. And the black cladding… Yes!

Nevermind | Design

I’ve been introducing my kids (seven and nine) to Nevermind this week. (Too Soon?) to mixed responses. One loves it, the other, not so much. But anyway, then this pops up in my feed. I hadn’t read the design breakdown of the cover before. I love looking at the mark ups for studio to paint out the floor of the pool. I also love that the type was created on a photocopier. I remember messing with type on copiers at art school. I also had a mate who had his own. Soooo Jealous. Anyway, it’s a good read. Check it.

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