Issue 10: A Couple of changes

I’m working on some amazing projects that I’ll be able to show off soon. Can’t wait! I’m still Creative Director at Gruden in Sydney, I’m full time dad and as I mentioned in the last newsletter, I’m trying to do a daily illustration (Which is super important to me). So, like I said, something’s gotta give.  I’ll still be writing the newsletter, but for the short term, they’re going to be a little more sporadic and I’m going to stop beating myself up about posting weekly.  They will maintain the here’s five things I liked, just not “This week”.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s 5 things I like um…. recently?


New York I love you but you’re bringing me down with Miles Davis Improv.

I love the internet.  For reasons like this!  Someone thought “you know what would be great. Miles Davis riffing over the top of that LCD Soundsystem tune. And they went to youtube and thy made it happen and it was beautiful. This is old but if you haven’t already seen it check it out.  It’s awesome and if you have watch it again.


Kanopy. It’s like Netflix but for libraries.

We love our library! Sometimes, the kids will borrow a dvd to watch.  I know what you’re saying…”who still uses DVD players” right.  Well actually we do,  or did until I broke it. 🙁  Enter Canopy.  It’s like borrowing an ebook but for a movie and they’ve got a really good selection and it’s FREE! Enter your library card details, pick your local library and away you go.

Also, support your local library, they’re great, and if we don’t use them, they will go away.


Reggie Watts – Put your hand in the cookie jar!

I haven’t seen Reggie Watts in ages.  Still so rad. Some fantastic surrealist comedy, wordplay, visual misdirection and dope beats thrown in for good measure.  Pure Nonsense. Enjoy!

Matthew mccarthy saul bass archive work graphicdesign itsnicethat 02

The Saul Bass Archive looks back on the trailblazer’s rare poster design

(Via it’s nice that) One of my all time favourite graphic designers Saul Bass manages to take an idea and refine it down to such striking simplicity. Take a look, be inspired.

P15786287 b v8 ab

Maniac on Netflix

You’ve probably already seen it it. but if you haven’t you should.  This is right in my wheel house.  Not sure what’s happening but loving it.  Surreal, dream like and really enjoyable. Be warned though that it’s got some unnecessarily bloody violent bits in it. (not heaps, but it’s not for the squeamish) And the logo is very reminiscent of IBM, designed by Paul Rand, not Saul Bass but of the same vintage and another absolute fave!

Until Next Time, Enjoy!

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