Issue 09: Wow, it’s been a while

Drawing like a man possessed!

So, like I said, I’ve been doing an illustration per day in an effort to a. Improve my illustration skills, 2. get the creative juices flowing in the mornings and iii. to try and grow my audience on dribbble, also, I just thought that the whole “a,2,iii” thing was funny. But yes drawing like a man possessed and it seems to be working. you can follow along here or on instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, I have been spending way too much time there and the rest of this newsletter is just going to be links to rad things I’ve seen there.  Enjoy.

Abstract Sunday – Christoph Niemann

Christoph is an awesome illustrator! He’s done work for The New Yorker,  WIRED and The New York Times Magazine among others. As you can probably tell from illustrations above, I love a nice bit of brush work and Abstract Sunday has got it in spades. Plus even better, there nice little ideas to make you smile. Definitely worth a follow. I’ve also just found out he has an episode of Abstract on Netflix. Will be adding that to the watch list.

Nobrow Press

Nobrow are one on of my favourite publishers. Their books are always amazing and their printing is second too none.  The colours are always incredible and this video is a little insight into why.  Do yourself a favour and grab something from their catalogue next time you go to a good bookshop.  I can recommend Map of Days.

Jeffrey Phillips

More awesome brushwork! I got on to this via @thedesignfiles “The tools I use” posts. Great Illustration, Great info on process and great stuff all round.

Christ on a bike, look at this lettering!

Awesome penmanship. Not a lot more to say about this. I wish I could consistently freestyle this kind of style.

Anyway… That’s it. Enjoy!

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