Issue 08: Embrace your crazy

Fly your freak flag

My Friend Samara has a friend called Lenny. This is his instagram. Lenny and Samara go on adventures together and amazing things happen. As sam told me recently when you embrace your crazy, anything can happen and probably will… if you let it. Thanks Sam! BTW, Sam is an awesome photographer you should hire her.

Instagram #accidentallywesanderson

Also on instagram, Accidentally Wes Anderson is a #hashtag for images or locations that, you guessed it, look like they were shot for one of Wes Andersons stylistically symetric films. Enjoy, and… Maybe contribute some of your own.

In the market for some flowers

These guys! Lily Baxter create incredible flowers and displays for personal, weddings, corporate and events. Logo and website design by yours truly so yes, it’s a little bit of self promotion but seriously, check them out they’re great!

I want all the things

Things I can’t afford in timeframes I have no hope of being across. But if I could, I surely would. Fine art works, furniture, and other functional objects. Case Studyo’s artist series is off the hook! Mad things made by top talent on original, unexpected collaborations.

Hey Baby, Check out my moves

Move like Jagger! The mating dances and routines of the Bird of paradise are awesome. These little guys have much swagger. Enjoy!

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