Issue 07: Hidden paintings to hidden treasures

Shoalhaven Wonders

Where I’m from. Nice piece of grass roots promotion from a friend of mine, promoting the local area and making things happen down south. Get on it, it’s a goodun. Also come visit, it’s warming up!

Pixel F#@%!NG

You may have heard the term. Basically, it means moving elements on screen by incredibly small increments like it makes a difference. Well… In some cases it does. Following on from last weeks link to the 8point grid system, this little utility is cracker for sketch. If you are implementing the 8 point grid system, then you can set you nudges to 2px and 8px respectively. Bang, life got a little easier. I gotta say, the open source nature of the Sketch development community is just awesome!

Great story telling.

Much radness, Illustration style, story telling, great pacing all working together to take mobile gaming somewhere different. Made by one of the creators of Monument Valley, which is also one of the best mobile games of all time. (seriously, if you haven’t, check it out). Worth every cent of the significantly less than a cup of coffee price tag. This is a great little game exploring life and love. Get into it.

Paintings you can’t see

Here’s something I never knew was a thing. The art of fore-edge painting places intricate scenes on the side of books, hidden beneath gold gilded pages. Proper spy sh#t, Dan Brown would be hiding letters from Jesus here. The paintings are only visible to the trained eye, but once you unlock the secret, you’ll find pure magic. It’s pretty rad.

Herman Miller

Designers of beautiful products, Herman Miller post some very well curated, and presented, Design editorial. Worth a look, even just for the pictures.
In particular this video about the marshmallow sofa is great and, yup, the illustration style is right up my street!

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