Issue 06: #vanlife

Podcast: Crimetown

You couldn’t write this stuff. True crime podcast about. Providence, Rhode Island and the organised crime therein. Proper “Goodfella” mobsters, corrupt politicians and suprisingly likeable characters. There’s even an appearance from Shepard Fairey. I was hooked from the first 5 minutes and binged all 18 episodes. Now what!?

Loving this animation!

Reminds me of the 80’s. Set me off looking for Nick Kershaw and Ah-Ha film clips. Turns out not actually that similar. It’s a great piece of motion work nonetheless. Love the flourishes and embellishment that come with it. Well executed, Good Fun!

The 8 Point Grid

Great guide for consistent UI layout across multiple devices and screen sizes. This is one of the reasons why graphics look fuzzy on some websites and devices and not others. Worth getting your head around for any UI designer. In fact the whole Specifics Site is pretty rad. Check it out. Not a designer? You can probably afford to sit this one out. It is interesting though:)

Mad Flow

Web apps, web apps, web apps. This looks like a really handy tool for collaborating on user flows / flow charts. For someone who finds creating flows a bit of a pain, this handles very nicely.

Jump up party choons

Steel City! Sheffied Boy, Toddla T drops a mad set for Radio 1. Can’t believe this mix is almost ten years old, I got into this then but it’s back on heavy rotation. Great selection of tunes from the 80s through to 2000’s Enjoy!


Not so much a link but something worth sharing. I’m moving to working from home and have been doing up a caravan as a home office. For once I’ve remembered to take photos of my progress. Here’s where I’m at.


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