Issue 05: Sutterbugs to slipmats

Nat Geo Travel Photographer of the Year 2018

Some truly incredible images. Loving the drone pics. Have a gander at this year’s winning photos and download a wallpaper while you’re there. Stunning!

Free UI Design Tool

Figma looks very Interesting indeed. Not sure it has quite as much functionality as sketch (yet), but definitely appears to be a tool that I could use. I’m sure the best bits aren’t “Free” but I am going to investigate none the less. Web based design tools are looking more and more exciting.  Maybe I will be able to work from a Chromebook one day…


“He walked like a god through the world. Because that’s how tigers walk.”

Gaiman is one of my favourite authors across comics, fiction, kid’s books and film. The guy’s is incredible and this book is no different. Great illustrations with a wicked sense of humour. This is one that both the boys and myself love equally.

Podcast – Conversations – the rise of a watchful boy

Another great Conversation with Richard Fidler. Author from The Australian, Trent Dalton, as a child was a silent observer of the drama of his family and his neighbourhood. He grew up to become an award-winning writer. Great story about some uniquely Australian, characters.

CHOOOONS!!! – Slip Mat

Cracking DJ set that should appeal to the 40–45 yr old set. There’s some banging old rave anthems, great house tunes, solid, bubbly acieed, hip hop and even a bit of Rick Astley for good measure. Do yourself a favour and stick this in your ear holes.

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