Issue 02

TILT! | Games

This is an absolutely beautifully crafted pinball simulator. The work that has gone in to creating a realistic pinball experience is awesome, down to knocking down all the little tabs and bumpers. It even has multiball. I found myself trying to tilt the machine at some points. The camera movement was a bit disorientating to start with but you get used to it! AND let’s not forget you’re playing it in your web browser.

Look at this! Just look at this! | Design

When TV logos were actually physical objects (via Colossal) is a quick look at some fantastic / ahead of their times station identities that were created using physical objects in order to achieve dynamic effects prior to software like aftereffects. This sort of thing really inspires me to play with other ways of creating. Take a look and totally watch the HBO Documentary at the end.

Jump Up Dance Hall | 4 Minutes

Canadian photographer Beth Lesser documents rise of Dancehall in Kingston and New York. These photos capture a moment in time (Um Yeah… That’s what photos do) but this “time” would have been so awesome to witness. Check the photos, they’re brilliant. Also, if you do like a bit of historical photo action in your social feed, you should totally follow @historylvrsclub

Terribly clever URL for a terribly clever idea | Tools

Poopy Life is a service allowing you to quickly spin up a WordPress Install for testing or staging purposes. You can have a install set up in moments that will last you a week. The time can be extended but the idea is to set something up quickly, test or publish and move on. What’s so clever about the url? Would you publish a site with a URL? Well you might, whatever blows your hair back.

Stick this in your ear holes | 48 Minutes

Richard Fidler speaks with Sir Tim Smit a former pop music producer and archaeologist. Smit through a series of coincidences involving a couple of pigs named Horris and Dorris, created what is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, The Eden Project and more interestingly the restoration of The Lost Gardens of Heligan an estate that had been left untouched since WW1.

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