Food for Thought

Too much screen time

I know I’m always worried about how much time the kids spend on their screens but let’s be honest, some video games are amazing. This is one from a few years ago that I missed. It’s beautiful!

It’s made by Shapefarm their website is pretty nice also.

Too Black, Too strong

Artist Stuart Semple has developed what he believes to be the world’s blackest black ink. He calls it Blink, and you can buy it for $16 a bottle. Intended for calligraphy, pen art, or just a very impressive handwritten letters, Blink brings a super high contrast pigment to a medium anyone can handle. Via Fast Company The full article is worth a read.

Watching. Succession

Thoroughly enjoyed the first three seasons of Succession. Blackly funny. A debauched, bunch of anti-heroes stabbing each other in back to rule the world. You know it’s good when you find yourself rooting for the billionaire to beat the Government. Get in!

A walk down memory lane

Had plenty of these. I remember buying 3 packs in cigarette-style cellophane. Waiting to press record and busting out bangers on the car stereo. Enjoy!

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